Hotel Chelsea
Hotel Chelsea, the infamous home for over 100 years to artists, musicians, painters, dropouts, and the poignant underground, was sold in August of 2011 and closed its doors for the fist time in history for full renovations and Cohen was invited to exclusively document the building's original interior before destruction.

Cohen's work transcends the concept of an interior space (an environment filled with inanimate objects) redefining the subject matter as individual portraits that evoke a feeling of sensuality and intimacy, captured with the personal insight and exceptional vision to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Cohen's photographic journey was an endeavor both mesmerizing and bittersweet turned into an evocative and ambitious collection of fine art tableaus both desolate and deeply sensual. In her book, Hotel Chelsea (printed by Pointed Leaf Press in 2013), this prominent specific body of work casts the historic landmark through the lens of the twenty-first century, exhibiting it as it has never been seen before and will never be seen again.